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Marriage is hard.  We've all heard it said by long-time married couples.  But what does 'hard' really mean?  As someone who eloped on the side of a mountain and divorced 2.5 years later, I realize I never had a clue, and I'm wondering if anyone did.  This video project is an attempt to uncover different perspectives on relationships, and share the real trials, successes, failures, mistakes, and disasters that come from being connected with each other.

I have always loved and respected both sets of my grandparents.  And in terms of marriage, both sets stuck it out and are still sticking it out 60 years later...  As for me, I got divorced 2.5 years after eloping on the side of an Alaskan mountain.  Maybe one day I will share my story with all of you.  For now, I am using this video project as a healing resource, to share your experiences with commitment, relationships and marriage.  My hope is that we all become a better, more thoughtful and understanding person, and partner, in the process.

Why fucking hard?  2 reasons: 1st because marriageishard.com was already taken by a domain eating behemoth, and 2nd because this is an adult site, filled with adult stories about adult things.  So if 'fucking' offends you, maybe you should go somewhere else.

If you find this video project interesting, please write me a message, and share this website with others.  Together, we can become a more compassionate, connected and caring community.

Peace and love,

The MiFH Team


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